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Post Incorporation &

Cross Border Services

Our services are continuous with the ever changing regulatory environment and we may thus ensure that our clients that our services extent beyond formation including:

Amendments to the M&A

Our technical expertise can ensure that the company’s activity and the manner in which the company’s external and internal affairs is regulated by reviewing and making the appropriate amendments to suit our clients’ needs. What this means is, in the event where the principal objects clause need to be enhanced or amended so as to accommodate the uniqueness of the trading requirements of your company allowing you to further trade in the business you desire or subject to certain limitations, amend the internal regulations of the company and the manner in which its operations are conducted including the provisions about the rights, duties and responsibilities of the company’s shareholders and board of Directors.

We can also organize and secure for you, the required fillings with the regulatory board.

Issuance of  Corporate and other Certificates

Paperwork is not something that should enquire our clients since we can assist you in the issuance of the necessary corporate documentation, including those involving changes to the current structure and issuance of fresh basic corporate certificates, to Certificates of Good Standing thus confirming the status of a company and Incumbency Certificates to Certificates in case the company has been set under Winding Up or is in the process of winding up. Certificates of Double Tax Treaty, Non Bankruptcy and Clear Criminal Record form just part of the variety of what we can offer.

Notarisation , Apostille and Legalisation

The legitimacy of any post incorporation certificate can be evidenced through notarisation, legalisation and Apostille. We can assist you in the preparation and provision of legalised documents based on each specific request including other Consular/ Embassy related authentication or other translation related services required for your documents. Whatever you need in terms of the increasingly complex cross border legalisation especially for countries not involved in the Hague Convention, we are here to help.

Corporate Statutory Compliance

We are here to make sure that all legal obligation are fulfilled on behalf of our clients, from company management, taxation matters and audit.

Company Searches

We can further assist you in the undertaking of obtaining corporate information and due diligence on companies registered in most leading corporate jurisdictions.


The equivalent of cross-border corporate immigration for those companies wishing to change the jurisdiction under whose laws are being registered and incorporated while maintaining the same legal identity and enjoying more favorable tax regimes and benefits. Cyprus Law provides for the re-domiciliation of companies in and out of Cyprus and due the islands’ exact unique position to invest, restructure or hold underlying assets in addition to its rather most favorable tax regime, Cyprus has become one of the most favorable jurisdictions of choice for international corporate structures.

The Re-domiciliation process includes many steps, provided that such is allowed in the foreign company’s’ M&A by applying to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies starting from name pre-approval in the country of registration, registration and supporting documentation. Once the Registrar is satisfied with the documentation submitted a Temporary Certificate of Continuation of the Company in Cyprus is issued. The foreign company is thus considered a legal person duly incorporated under the Laws of the Republic Cyprus for the purpose of the Companies Law Cap 113 and has the same liabilities and powers that registered companies have according to the Laws of Cyprus. Within six months from the issuance of the Temporary Certificate of Continuation, a confirmation of the official transfer of the company and the issuance of a certificate which indicates that it is removed from the companies’ registry in the country of origin must be submitted to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. Failure to maintain the deadline, save for special circumstances, will render the procedure of re-domiciliation cancelled. A Certificate of Continuation is consequently issued confirming that the company continues in Cyprus. Note should be taken in that, such registration will nonetheless be deemed unlawful  in cases where the purpose (among others) of the re-domiciliation was to create a new legal entity or where dissolution or liquidation procedures have been initiated with regards to the foreign company.

Intellectual Property Registration

Cyprus has become an even more attractive jurisdiction for companies from all over the world further to the new tax exemptions arising from the IP rights use. Intellectual Property Rights holding companies add value and enhance their competitiveness while taking advantage of the favorable tax deductions and exemptions.

The three main categories of IP rights include trademarks, copyright & related rights and Patents.

With Cyprus been a signatory in multiple EU and International Agreements on IP rights including WIPO (Word Intellectual Property Organization), the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks (the Madrid Agreement) and Protocol to the Madrid Agreement, in conjunction with the extensive network of Double tax avoidance agreement, an attractive taxation scheme on the exploitation of the IP rights through Cyprus has been established.

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